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Protect Your Horses: Be Prepared for Injuries and Wounds

Whether your horse is part of the family or a valuable investment, it's smart to be prepared.

Since 1992, Show-Me Animal Products has worked with veterinarians and horse lovers to develop quality first aid and other products for horses.

If your horse is injured or hurt or your mare ready to foal, we have serious first aid kits that will help. And it's available in convenient hardshell lock boxes that fit under a car sit, or attractive hip and saddle bags.

With our kits and their comprehensive Care Card instructions, you can easily treat minor injuries immediately, or stabilize serious wounds before seeking professional help.

Why First Aid Kits?

Thousands have learned the hard way there is not substitute for being prepared. Read More.

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Don't miss the latest insight and unusual tales (tails?) about our beloved animals.

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